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50th Annual Arizona Fire School September 6 - 10, 2023

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This year will be the 50th Annual Arizona Fire School, which will provide educational sessions from Basic Skills Training, Fire Prevention, Investigation, to Fire Leadership.  It is one of the best training experiences available at any venue in Arizona.

Registration for 2023 Fire School will be available in Spring 2023



1. Phoenix Children's Hospital CE - (Wednesday only, 10:00am – 2:00pm)

2. Confined Space Rescue

3. Basic Firefighter Skills

4. Emergency Vehicle Driving

5. Emergency Vehicle Driving Instructor, Train-the-Trainer

6. Fire Ground Tactics & Procedures

7. Fire Hydraulics

8. Fire Pumps: Theory, Operation & Maintenance

10. Ladder Truck Company Functions & Operations - (Starts Wednesday, 9:00am)

11. First-Due Fundamentals Ensuring Tactical Success on the Fireground - Previously Live Fire Training – Basic

12. Live Fire Training – Intermediate

13. Modern Fire Attack for Initial Company Operations (SLICERS)

14A. Rope Rescue Skills - Operational Level - Previously Rope Rescue I

14B. Rope Rescue Skills - Technician Level - Previously Rope Rescue II

15. Smoke Plus

16. Zero Impact Period (ZIP) - Previously Tactical Hose Management

17. Vehicle Stabilization & Patient Extrication


18. Fire Detection & Suppression Systems
19. Fire Inspector II, NFPA 1031 – (Starts Wednesday, 9:00am)
20. Fire & Life Safety Educator I
21. Fire Origin & Cause for First Responders
22. Natural or Compressed Gas Emergency Response
23. Crisis Support Training (CST)


24. Adaptive Leadership & Leadership Lessons of Gettysburg
25. Company Officer Leadership
26. Chief Officer Leadership Development - Previously Executive Fire Officer Leadership
27. Fire Instructor I, NFPA 1041 – (Starts Wednesday, 9:00am)
28. Fire Instructor II, NFPA 1041 - (Starts Wednesday, 9:00am)
29. Incident Safety Officer (NFA)

31. Leadership in Supervision Series (NFA) - (Starts Wednesday, 9:00am)
32. Strategies & Resource Management for Small & Rural Fire Departments