Challenge Testing

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Reciprocity and Challenge Testing

Fire service certification in Arizona is voluntary. There are no state regulations requiring fire service personnel to become certified. AzCFSE recognizes the validity of certifications with IFSAC seals and other State certifications that demonstrate that all applicable NFPA standards were followed. Departments may choose to make certification or Arizona certification mandatory for their firefighters. Candidates for Arizona certification are tested for competency using the applicable NFPA standard(s).

Reciprocity and Challenge Testing:

Reciprocity and Challenge testing is allowed for those qualified applicants who wish to obtain Arizona Certification but who have not completed an approved Arizona program within the past year. (See more information below.)

At this time, Reciprocity and Challenge Testing are ONLY allowed for the following levels (click on the level you want, to view the application):

Reciprocity and challenge testing is allowed for those individuals who meet all requirements listed on the application. Those individuals required to test will have two opportunities to pass any written and practical exams for the requested level. If unsuccessful after two attempts it will be necessary to submit another application after a 90 day wait. Qualified applicants, who meet all requirements as stated on the challenge testing application, and who pass all required written and practical skills certification examinations, will receive an Arizona Certification for the appropriate level, as long as all applicable prerequisites have been demonstrated as listed on the application.

Challenge testing for other programs may be allowed in the future after accreditation is granted for those programs.

To download a Challenge Testing Application, click the link above for the level you are interested in.