Instructor Application

Instructor Application and Orientation

Adjunct Instructor Application Packet

Those Certified Instructors wishing to conduct programs on behalf of AzCFSE or for AzCFSE recognition must meet certain minimum requirements and must complete the Adjunct Instructor Application process. The Adjunct Instructor Application, along with all required supporting documentation must be submitted to AzCFSE and will be reviewed by the Instructor Review Committee.

All Authorized Adjunct Instructors must also complete the "Instructor Orientation Program" listed below, prior to conducting any programs or workshops for AzCFSE certificates or certifications.

Instructor Orientation Program

All Authorized Adjunct Instructors must complete the Orientation Program and send in the Confirmation Form prior to conducting a class for AZCFSE certificates or certifications. To become an Authorized Adjunct Instructor, you must complete an Adjunct Instructor Application.